A quick look at 2022 ACTE Technology Fair guidelines for sponsors:  
1. Students in Grades 3-12 may participate in a total of two “project” categories. 
Either Individual and/or group projects. 
2. No more than three students per group. 
All students in a group must participate in the creation of the project and in the virtual presentation of the project. Groups must work out their own plan to make this happen.  
3. There is NO technology test this year.  
4. ACTE State-wide Team Programming Challenge (TPC) 2022 - Grades 7-12 - is separate and not considered a project. TPC Spring Virtual 2022 details, click this link! 
5. Only one sponsor/contact per school.  
6. Sponsors are to register themselves/students for state as soon as possible after regional fairs.  
7. Heads up!  During sponsor registration, sponsors must provide the name and email of the person, or agency responsible for processing payment of student fees.  
8.  The 2022 ACTE State technology fair is virtual.  (See dates below)
9.  Click for regional technology fair dates and check to see if your region is virtual or in-person.  
10.  If you wish to participate and you live in Alabama in an area not covered by one of the regions; or if your region isn't having a technology fair for 2022, use the contact message form below to find out how to participate.  

Friday, Mar 11, 2022 - Deadline for Registration - ACTE State "Virtual" Technology Fair
Friday, Apr   1, 2022 - Fee Payment Deadline - **$20.00** per student - ACTE State "Virtual" Technology Fair To pay by PO/School check, begin processing payment early to meet deadline or pay electronically.
Friday, Apr   8, 2022 - Deadline to upload student projects ACTE State "Virtual" Technology Fair 2022
**Price change

ACTE State "Virtual" Technology Fair 2021
2021 Tech Fair Results 
 Thank you sponsors, students and judges for participating in the 2021 ACTE State Technology Fair.  Who knew we could do this virtually?  Congratulations award winners!  
Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this turbulent year! 
Our plan is to create an ACTE YouTube Channel to showcase our student's wonderful technology skills. 
 Stay tuned!! 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Alabama Consortium for Technology in Education, Inc. (ACTE)

ACTE State Technology Fair Participants, Sponsors, and Volunteers

All decisions are made with our student's best interests at heart.

Amy Fowler, ACTE Director, actestate@gmail.com

Sharon Reynolds, ACTE Co-Director, actestate2@gmail.com

Natalyn Burkhalter, ACTE Secretary, actestatesecretary@gmail.com

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