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Student Levels

ACTE TECH FAIR students may compete individually or in a group of two.  Students may compete in only two categories. Students must win either first or second place at an ACTE Regional tech fair in order to compete at the ACTE State Tech Fair. 


***IMPORTANT****-A project cannot be entered in the ACTE Fair if it has been enetered in another competition.

​Students in grades 3-12 are invited to compete in the following levels.


Level 1 - Grades 3-4

Level 2 - Grades 5-6

Level 3 - Grades 7-8

Level 4 - Grades 9-10

Level 5 - Grades 11-12

What if students are in different grade levels?

Students in any grade 3-12 can compete with a partner.  The project would be entered into the grade level of the oldest student.


Example:  A 3rd grade student wants to compete with his brother who is in the 7th grade. 

       This project would be entered in Level 3, because that is the grade band of the older student.

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