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Student Portfolio

Portfolios should be done in Google Docs or Word.   

Digital Portfolios are allowed but must be presented on a device other than the one the student is using for their presentation.  It cannot be presented on a phone.



1.     Student(s) Name(s), School, Level, Category, Project Type. Individual/Group.   

2.     Table of Contents  

3.     Narrative. 

  •  Why you chose your project?

  •  What new technology did you learn? 

  • How did you use the new technology to creatively make your project special and unique?

  •  Is the project complete? 

  • How is the project beneficial to you or others? 

4.       List of software and hardware used in the project. 

  • Examples of hardware (laptop, desktop computer, printer, scanner,camera, video equipment)  Please list the brand you used.

  • Examples of software(word, sheets, specific programs, etc)        

5.     Copy of Documents showing planning elements used.

 Examples:   code, research notes, storyboard, lay-out, template, source code, video script, etc.  

6.     Copy of Project (slides, prints, pages; whatever is applicable for the project)

7.     Works Cited/Bibliography. Resources. 

  • Where did you get your information?  

  • Where did your photos or images come from?

8.     Copy of permissions use request.

  • Approval for education use of copyrighted data. (if required) (ex. Audio Clips)

  • Did you use copyrighted information?  If so, do you have permission to use it?   

   9.  You may share photos of you or your team working on the project.


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