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ACTE State Judge Registration
Who can judge?
Anyone with a tech experience or background.
  • Sponsors
  • Teachers
  • Business Professionals
  • Parents 
  • Student teachers
  • College professors

ACTE is looking for judges for the ACTE State Technology Competition on April 13, 2024 at the University of Montevallo.

Review the categories below and let us know which you would like to judge. You may select the level and category you would like to judge on the link.

2024 Judge Registration

 Our event allows students to present their technology projects to judges.   

We will be looking for judges in the areas of:

Businesses, College Students, School Sponsors, Professors, please share.

Benefit of judging:
  • Community service hours certificate
  • Gain knowledge 
  • See what students are doing
  • Help students prepare for interviews 
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