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Team Programming

2023 FALL Team  Programming     Challenge       (TPC) 

Friday,  October 27



The ACTE annual virtual TPC  competition brings together student computer programming teams from across Alabama. All student programmers in grades 5-12 are invited and encouraged to participate.          


  1. Sponsors and students are to   register by   October 25, 2023. Teams may consist of  up to 3 students  per     team.      

  2. Competition Fee:   $15.00 per student.  Sponsors remit payment  based on invoice and may pay by school   check or electronic payment.              

  3. Level  II --Grades 5/6;  Level  III-- Grades 7/8; Level  IV -- Grades  9/10;  Level  V --Grades  11/12          

  4. Students must have an   individual account on the competition website  If you have a current login, use it. Or if you are new to TPC, create a login. Write down your  login! Do not create more than one  account per person on the competition website.    

  5.  Sponsors may also create an account on the competition website to monitor team progress.  

  6.  Log onto the ACTE competition website to gain access to practice   competitions and to become familiar with the software.      

  7. Sponsors receive   the 2023 ACTE FALL Virtual Guidebook pdf containing competition rules, schedule, and a comprehensive guide to using the ACTE contest platform for practice and competition.  

The ACTE TPC Fall competition is this Friday. October 27th.  

Students/teams can still register. 
2023 TPC Fall Student registration:

2023 TPC Fall Sponsor register link:

What to expect on competition day, Friday, October 27, 2023?

1. TPC teams log on to the competition website and click on the competition to join.
2. Students join a common WebEx meeting (link provided by email to sponsors) for attendance and to remain in the WebEx meeting to ask questions, report errors, clear up confusion, and to listen for contest managers to announce any rule changes or question wording changes live.
3. Once the competition begins, teams can view all problems; read descriptions and other problem
information; and submit their code. Submissions are processed live and are automatic, so teams can view their score as it is being tallied.
4. While this is going on, teams can also compare their progress to other teams by watching a live running scoreboard. The competition software compiles, runs, and scores all the team’s solutions. Team members can see each other's submissions, and the highest-scoring submission is posted each time.
5. Teams are expected to arrange their own communication through the usage of a group call, Discord, or similar software. Permitted languages are C99, C++11, Java and Python3.
6. Teams compete against each other for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place within their level. Team awards are presented electronically from ACTE: 1st Place Team - $200; 2nd Place Team - $100; 3rd Place Team $60
7. Virtual competition, no resident judges. There is a competition manager. Problems are graded automatically, and feedback on the solutions is released live. Each piece of feedback on each test case has an associated code letter to identify the exact error encountered. See more information on this in the ACTE FALL Virtual TPC Guidebook 2023.

8. Results received within are posted on the ACTE website by the end of the day, October 27, 2023. Official solutions to the problems, including a problem analysis, and the code is released soon after the competition ends.
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