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Team Programming

The Second Annual Alabama v.s. Georgia Team Programming Challenge!  


Who:  Team Programming Teams - Levels (grades) 5/6 - 7/8 - 9/10 - 11/12 

What: The second annual bi-state AL/GA - Alabama - Georgia Team Programming Challenge 

Why:  To have fun and show off your programming skills and beat GEORGIA!!!! 

Where:  Online 

When:  Saturday, February 17, 2024 


How:  Sponsor registration link:  

  Student Team registration link:


Next, teams sign up and practice anytime on the competition website:

Sponsors may also create an account to view practice problems and the overall progress on the scoreboard during the competition.  


Significant Impact: The ACTE TPC goal is to be a conduit for student success in the world of computer programming by providing a means to sharpen student programming skills, encourage more students to compete, and build collaboration skills.  


Teams may use multiple computers.  Any team member may submit multiple times.  The highest submission score is taken.  All team submissions go towards the team score. Know a team who wants to compete?  Have them sign up now! 

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